The easiest and least-labour intensive reupholstery of an armchair is a simple recovering with a top fabric. As with most things in life, it is rarely that simple! So, although general guidelines can be given from photographs, it is only when Ali sees (and has a good feel) of the item to be upholstered can she do a full and honest evaluation. More often than not, some portion of the chair will need to be replaced – whether the springs have failed, the webbings have loosened, or the back is not comfortable when sitting. Whatever the problem, all can be resolved at Needle Rock.

Traditional upholstery is the most labour-intensive upholstery and the most expensive, with black fibre and horsehair used as natural stuffing materials, and the edges hand-stitched to provide the required shape. If you go down this route, you can be pretty sure the chair will outlive you.

Check out the ‘recent project’ section; see the various stages Ali went through to traditionally reupholster a neglected sprung-arm and sprung-base armchair. It certainly took a long time, but the results are stunning.

Modern upholstery uses synthetic materials such as foam and polyester wadding and is less expensive than traditional upholstery. The products are cheaper, and the application is quicker, with foam estimated to last about 10 years.

Ali will advise you on what attention your armchair requires, and to help you reach the best option available for you and your chair. Every chair has a story - have a look below and create the story you want for your own personalised chair!


January 2019

Happy 2019 to you all, the time of year when we're making plans for the year ahead. Here at Needle Rock, I'm launching a new arm to the business with some highly desirable and unique creative upholstery pieces available for you to buy. Check out the one-off pieces on the For Sale page. With access to some of the world's most desirable designer fabrics, I am reworking both vintage and antique seating options into pieces of beauty. If you are looking for something different then give me a call at Needle Rock, I can design something just for you. I have lots of stock available ready for the magic to begin, and if you're after something we don't have - we can source it for you from our network of dealers across the UK. I'm just absolutely loving it! I could do with another me really - but the days are already getting longer, and with more daylength there's a natural rhythm of increased productivity! With the brand new website launched last year, coupled with social media campaigns - yes you are finally going to see me on Instagram, Pintrest as well as Facebook, I am hoping it will be the most enjoyable year yet!

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"Great service, and high quality work. Couldn't have found a better upholsterer".
Iona Bailey

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