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Needle Rock love chaise lounges – they simply give a feeling of decadence to any room. Whether they are placed by a garden window overlooking the lawn, or in the drawing room, every woman of a certain age deserves one!

Chaise lounges are extremely practical in that they provide the functionality of a sofa / day bed for comfortable reclining without the need for cushions. Chaise lounges can also be perched on by 3-4 people, making them an ideal addition to your home. Team this option up with some designer fabrics, and you’ll be the envy of your girlfriends. Needle Rock can source chaise lounges for you, just let Ali know your requirements, and let us do the rest.

Settees and sofas just love to be revamped. Whether it's some new cushion inserts or a whole new look, it's up to you. Modern sofas and settees are not made to last, so-called 'disposable furniture', if you have something older - vintage or antique - why not consider redesigning it. With such a choice of fabrics and trimmings, the only limitation is your imagination.

Through the Workshop Door – June 2019

We've had a busy month in June; settling into the new workshop has been a delight, and I’m so pleased with the extra space at my disposal. I’ve been working hard to try and catch up with the backlog (not quite there yet – but nearly!)

With help from Gordon - my husband, Needle Rock has gained an integral workshop fabric store. Whilst the lovely barn provides adequate workspace, we need to ensure that even in winter, the fabrics are stored in warm, dry conditions. The fabric store is based on a flat-roofed summerhouse which Gordon has modified internally to provide racking for rolls of fabric. We soon realised that being flat-roofed, it would be possible to have additional storage on the summerhouse roof. To achieve this, the roof has been strengthened and we’ve fitted an old staircase giving us easy access. All has been made safe with handrails, and we have compartment bays to store large sheets of foam. The inside of the store resembles a medieval building with timber columns, roof beams and cornices.

The highlight this month has been the renovation of a glorious Victorian Settle that I rescued a couple of years ago from the old RAFA Club in Bridge street, Aberystwyth (which has now evolved into Bar 46). It was pretty beaten up when we rescued it; I removed the old upholstery, and Gordon made it a new arm, a new front spill and ensured all the joints were solid. It’s been in storage for the last couple of years, but with the additional space I am now able to move along some of these projects – and the journey into its new life has gained momentum. The entire piece has been painted in a multitude of greys reinstating the natural aged and distressed look. It’s been fully reupholstered to the highest standard; with a superb burnt orange seat, complementary upholstery nails, and the back has a touch of decadence, using the ‘Talisman’ fabric by French designer ‘Christian Lacroix’ sold through the Designers Guild. The fabric design is reminiscent of looking through a church window on a dark night – and the velvety feel is just superb! This piece is ideal for a hallway, kitchen or landing and is looking for its new home! Further details and dimensions are listed at www.needlerock.co.uk/sale .

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"Needle Rock rocks!! Our puppy had demolished the front of our sofa and Ali fixed it so you could never tell it happened. Thank you Ali x"
Jo Creasey

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