Chairs come in all shapes and sizes and there’s probably at least one chair in most, if not all, of the rooms in your house. Whether it’s a comfy armchair for lounging in front of the TV, a set of upholstered dining chairs clustered around the family table, a delightful occasional chair for reading by the window overlooking the garden, a bedroom chair used to sit on to tie your shoe-laces in the mornings, chairs in all shapes and forms are an essential component of our daily living. Just as well that Needle Rock specialise in chairs. We can take your most cherished rickety chair and transform it into one that is solid, stable and beautiful that will serve you for many years to come, creating your very own piece of bespoke furniture.

With such a variety of chairs available in today’s marketplace, it’s no wonder that Ali is obsessed with chairs, in particular chairs made during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. These chairs were simply made to last and this explains why there’s still so many to be found at antiques shops and auction houses. Already 100 years old, when these chairs are refurbished and traditionally reupholstered, you can be sure they’ll last another 100 years.

Through The Workshop Door - October 2019

The trees are starting to lose their leaves, and it’s time for us to let go of summer 2019. It’s been avery busy season; with the relocation of Needle Rock to the new workshop, building thesummerhouse to store the rolls of fabric, and moving equipment around to get the most out of thenew working space. Unbelievably, the new workspace is now rather full, but as the old saying goes,‘nature abhors a vacuum’.With the days becoming shorter, the nights getting longer, and the weather on the whole, like a boxof Liquorice Allsorts - warm and sunny one minute; dark and cloudy the next - autumn is suddenlyupon us. I’ve been very fortunate in acquiring some luxury deep-red woollen carpet which, with thehelp of hubby, we fitted in the main work area of the workshop last weekend, along with some thicklined curtains which are now hanging at the windows. The workshop now has a very regal and sumptuous feel to it, which in turn should help to keep me nice and warm during the run up to Christmas (oh no I’ve said the ‘C’ word)!

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"Great service, and high quality work. Couldn't have found a better upholsterer".
Iona Bailey

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