Granny Smith Chair & footstool


This Granny Smith Chair & footstool is an antique Grandmother Chair that’s been given a contemporary makeover.  As we  love mixing old and new, we’ve made a matching footstool to go with it.   ‘Hoop La’ durable wool fabric in the Granny Smith colourway teamed with stripy aubergine is a great combination. 

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This Granny Smith Chair & footstool is actually an antique ‘Grandmother Chair’ from the early Victorian era.  Originally it may have had buttons in the back.  Ali acquired this chair from a local couple in the next village, as they were buying a new reclining chair, so surplus to their requirements.   This chair has traditional sprung upholstery, original ceramic castors, beautifully turned front legs and geometric carvings.

Tender Loving Care

We removed the upholstery top cover, and the sprung upholstery in the seat was in great shape.  Using the Needle Rock ‘magic restoring fluid’” on the wood, it cleans the wood as well as feeding it.  Once dry, and the excess removed the chair was waxed and buffed for a great shine.

Design Brief

With it being a ‘Grandmother Chair’, Ali thought that using a fabric in a colourway called ‘Granny Smith’ was very appropriate for this Granny Smith Chair & footstool.   It is ‘Hoop La’ fabric from Abbotsford Textiles; a hard-wearing durable wool fabric.  We just love the different sized hoops on this fabric, and as a contrast we have styled the inside and outside backs in an aubergine stripy upholstery fabric.  There are strips of lime in the stripes which compliment the green hoops perfectly.

As we love mixing old with new, we have created a matching footstool too.   Both items are available for just the one price of

Height = 96 cm, Depth = 80 cm, Width = 66 cm.

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