Cocktail Chairs (pair)


A pair of stylish 20th Century Cocktail chairs; fully refurbished and ready for entertaining!

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A pair of stylish 20th Century Cocktail chairs.  Fully refurbished, with shield-shaped backs, and round seats.   The chairs are weighted well, and they have a spring-steel backs which gives an incredibly comfortable sit!  The round tapered legs are made of solid wood, with small signs of wear and tear (see photo), expected with chairs of this age.  Each leg is fitted with a new brass slipper cup, which is made from vintage brass. 

 This pair of cocktail chairs are fully reupholstered in a striking animal print designer fabric is from Today Interiors .  There is  a double layer of black braid along the upper rims.  We hope you agree this toffee-coloured peach skin looks absolutely terrific!

There is no fake photography going on here – Ali took these photos in the paddock opposite the Needle Rock workshop.  Sally and Sam, the horses in the next field, wondered what was going on.  Ali made sure to tell them the animal skin was fake! 

Width = 46cm; Depth = 48cm; Height = 95cm; Seat height = 48cm.

Delivery options available; price will be dependant on your location.  Personal delivery can be arranged on request, pricing to be agreed.