Cocktail Twins


Cocktail twins. Functional art from Needle Rock, the home of Remarkable Upholstery. Espresso Martini or Daiquiri, the choice is yours!

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When Ali rescued these Cocktail Twins, they had certainly seen better days.  Ali’s attention was grabbed by the unusual shield-shaped backs and contrasting rounded seats.  A full makeover later, they have a new lease of life.  Not just functional; they look fantastic, have detachable legs (so easily mobile) and are incredibly comfortable too.  They really do feel as good as they look!

Tender, Loving Care

Under the upholstery, we found pieces of steel. It became apparent this steel had two purposes.  Firstly, the chairs are well-weighted so as not to topple over.  Secondly, the steel is springy so when leaning back the steel gives slightly, ensuring an incredibly comfortable sit!  The round tapered legs are made of solid wood, and have been sanded on the wood-turning lathe to remove any small signs of wear and tear.  The legs screw on, and each leg has been fitted with a new brass slipper cup, made from vintage brass.  

Design Brief

With the quirky design of these Cocktail Twins, the refurbishment needed an equal dose of ‘wow factor’.   With new padding for a comfortable sit, tis toffee-coloured peach skin velvet,  from Today Interiors, works an absolute treat.  A double layer of black braid along the upper rims emphasises the shielded backs and completes the look. 

Cocktail Twin Vision

With ‘staying in’ being the new ‘going out’, top up your cocktail cupboard and make some moves.  Get your sparkly dress on, dig out your brightest lipstick and get ready to party.  Free the cocktail shaker (from the back of the cupboard), turn the music up, dig out the cocktail recipe book – what are you waiting for?

Make some moves like Tom Cruise in the classis film ‘Cocktail’. With a little imagination, the sky is the limit!  Mine’s an Espresso Martini, what’s yours?

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Width = 46cm; Depth = 48cm; Height = 95cm; Seat height = 48cm.