Curule Chairs


Pair of Curule chairs, sometimes called Roman Chairs. Reproduction, made from oak.  Lovingly restored, with intricate carving detail.  Designer Upholstery.

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Sit like Royalty in this striking pair of Curule chairs, sometimes called Roman Chairs. Reproduction chairs, they are made from oak. Lovingly restored, and painstakingly stripped of old chipped varnish finishes applied over the years. Intricate carving details, and the wood is so smooth is feels like glass.

Saddle seats upholstered with a striking Imperial purple velvet from the Designers Guild Collection, and trimmed with a vanilla-coloured fringe.

Curule Chairs are a style of chair reserved in ancient Rome for the use of the highest government dignitaries. Usually made like a camp stool with curved legs; they are one of the most ancient forms of furniture.  Made with or without arms, the name is believed to be derived from the ‘chariot’ (currus). Over history, this style of chair served as a place of judgement.  They became associated with senior magistrates, officials and emperors.

Height = 77 cm, Depth = 54 cm, Width = 55 cm, Seat height = 48cm.

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