Stools are just so multifunctional, and are used in the house much more frequently than you might think. Footstools - as well as their obvious use as for putting tired feet on at the end of a long day; footstools can be used as additional seating for extra visitors; are often the perfect height for kids to sit on; for laying the newspaper on whilst you watch the football, or for the tray whilst you enjoy afternoon tea. See the footstool below with foxes and hares on it, was actually made from an unused coffee table. Similarly, there is a stool at exactly the right height for its owner made from a disused Nestle milk churn. With a bit of tender loving care, old loved piano stools can be brought back to life by stripping off the old varnish and applying a fabulous new top fabric. Needle Rock can recover or restore your stool, whatever it's size or shape. Needle Rock can make stools for you to specific dimensions and with a choice of legs, both with or without castors. Check out our gallery below to inspire the creation of your next stool.

Through The Workshop Door - July 2019

July has come and gone, and my feet have hardly touched the ground! The month started with a well-deserved holiday on Dartmoor and Devon, and for the rest of the month I’ve been playing catch up!

Highlights this month has been the reunion of the Leather Club chair with its delighted owners. As mentioned previously, the chair has a twin so its sibling has already been stripped down and is eagerly awaiting its rebuild in the Needle Rock workshop. The fabric has also been chosen for the seat cushions, so hopefully in next month’s blog you’ll see the twins together with matching seats!

July has also seen the commission of several furniture painting jobs – these seem to come along like buses – none for ages then several at the same time. The first commission was to give a new lease of life to some bedroom pine cupboards, which were solid, but looked rather dated. My customer had just had the bedrooms decorated and had a colour scheme which she’d acquired from a printed canvas – so I took the printed canvas away and matched the colour scheme accordingly. The results were superb.

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"Needle Rock rocks!! Our puppy had demolished the front of our sofa and Ali fixed it so you could never tell it happened. Thank you Ali x"
Jo Creasey

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