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If you desire something truly different, you’re in the right place! Ali is passionate about chairs. She rescues, repairs, restores and reupholsters each item to a new life as an absolutely individual piece. Needle Rock operates from a workshop located in a magnificent old barn on the outskirts of a seaside village overlooking the dramatic coastline of West Wales. If you can't see what you're looking for, whether it's a chaise, a Victorian Chesterfield sofa, or a delightful little corner chair, let Ali know as she can source it for you. At Needle Rock, we have a small amount of stock awaiting transformation, so you may get lucky and what you're looking for may just be around the corner waiting for its makeover. Give Ali a call on 07534 216297 or drop her an e-mail at to discuss your next project...

'Stunning' Victorian Refurbished Settle with Designer Upholstery


Rescued from an old drinking hole in Aberystwyth (RAFA Club, aka BAR 46, Bridge Street), this beautiful piece was pretty beaten up when we rescued it, but with plenty of sympathetic restoration – a new arm, a new front spill and the old upholstery removed, the journey into its new life began.

The entire piece has been painted in a multitude of greys reinstating the natural aged and distressed look. This just works so well!

It’s been fully reupholstered to the highest standard; with a commercial-grade burnt orange seat and complementary upholstery nails; the back has a touch of decadence using the ‘Talisman’ fabric by French designer ‘Christian Lacroix’ from the Designers Guild Collection. The fabric design is reminiscent of looking through a church window on a dark night – and the velvety feel is just superb!

Ideal for a hallway, kitchen, or even a landing this glorious refurbished Victorian Settle is looking for its new home.

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Aged Pine Farmhouse Rack - REDUCED from £225.00 - £175.00

For a country cottage chic look, hang this large aged pine rack on your wall. Great for cook books, spices and other kitchen paraphernalia. It is newly refurbished, with new modern knobs and supplied with fixings.

Height = 137 cm, Depth = 23.5 cm (top), 38 cm (bottom), Width = 137 cm

Deep Buttoned Footstool - REDUCED from £195.00 - £130.00

Great for putting your feet up at the end of a long day, putting your tea tray on, or laying out your newspaper. Grandkids to stay, then you’ve extra seating too!

This is a hand-made modern upholstered deep buttoned footstool covered with a high-quality gold chequered fabric. The blue painted Queen Anne legs dry brushed for a bronzed effect.

Height = 31 cm, Length = 78 cm, Width = 51 cm.

Georgian Oak Ottoman Box - REDUCED from £300.00 to £225.00

Georgian Oak Ottoman designed to go against a wall or bed. Handmade and absolutely genuine as shown with hand-cut through dovetails. Fret work plinth and original escutcheon.

Height = 50 cm, Width = 88 cm, Depth = 49 cm.

Extravagant Jacobean Revival Chair


Sit proudly in this fabulous Jacobean revival chair; made of dark stained Oak and extensively symmetrically carved detail. A common feature on this chair is the reel and bobbin turning on the stretchers, rails and uprights.

This chair has been totally refurbished, frame strengthened, and fully reupholstered. Modern upholstery materials and methods have been used, and the piece has been recovered in the fabulous Navarra, ‘Plum’ colourway from the Arley House Collection. The look is coupled with a striking velvet stripy fabric, giving it a unique Needle Rock twist. It’s finished off with a few strategically placed platinum upholstery nails, and a low-key gimp braid.

When this chair was rescued, it was missing two finials, these have been turned in-house and stained to match the original woodwork. The chair is old and has seen it’s fair share of dings and dongs.

A similar chair is available if you wanted to buy a pair, and the pair could be bought for a discounted price of £450.00.

Height = 114 cm, Seat Height = 49 cm, Width = 48 cm, Depth = 45 cm.

Victorian Nursing Chair


A Victorian ‘Nursing’ or ‘Ladies’ chair, meant for mother or nurse are attractively small and low-seated.

This example has been stripped back to the frame and rebuilt using traditional upholstery methods and materials, and retains its original castors.

Reupholstered in an understated green woven fabric with hints of orange, picked out with the complementing orange fabric on the outside back.

Quirky in its own right.

Height = 70 cm, Width = 53 cm, Depth = 60 cm.

Ornate French-Style Balloon Back Bedroom Chair

September Competition Prize

(was £175.00)

This beautiful ornate bedroom chair has lovely curvy details, is painted in a 'Paris-Grey' colour, waxed for durability and naturally distressed. It has original sprung traditional upholstery giving a good sense of comfort.

All 4 legs are on castors, making it easily mobile. Newly recovered in the vibrant 'Pompadour' fabric from the Arley House Fabric Collection and nicely finished with a deep red gimp braid.

Height = 94 cm, Seat Height = 38 cm, Width = 46 cm, Depth = 44 cm.

Competition details: Facebook

Unique hand-created 'Blooms' Console Table


Unique and graceful hall table with three-dimensional acrylic resin top - featuring a multi-layered hand-painted BLOOMS design with jewel and butterfly motifs. This unusual artwork leaps out at the viewer giving an impression of depth, similar to gazing through moving water.

Ideal as an occasional or display table in any walkway, hallway or situation where space is limited.

The table itself is hand-painted in a Vintage white and can be distressed at buyers request.

Height = 74 cm, Width = 75 cm, Depth = 36 cm.

'Sunset' Spindle Chair


Are you after a bit of decadence, but don’t have much space?

If so, this delightful ‘Sunset’ Spindle Chair could be for you. This delicate little chair speaks of history and has been reupholstered with a healthy dose of Designer bling. As in keeping with a chair of its age, this beautiful little chair does show signs of wear and tear and has been sympathetically restored.

Not only great to look at, it’s functional too, and is dressed in the stunning ‘Paseo Sunset’ fabric designed by Christian Lacroix from the Designers Guild Collection.

The different colours of the sunset work superbly through the different areas of the chair, with the beautifully decorative upholstery nails giving a final touch of glitz.

Height = 85cm, Seat Height = 43cm, Width = 45cm, Depth = 43cm.

Queen Anne Style Chair


A delightful reproduction Queen Anne style chair which has been stripped to its bare frame and newly upholstered using modern upholstery materials.

Covered in a luxurious light blue upholstery fabric, with gold undertones which highlight the wood beautifully, the look is completed with a complimentary braid.

An ideal chair to be placed in the hallway, top of the landing or in a bedroom.

Height = 88 cm, Width = 48 cm, Depth = 48 cm.

1950's fabulous 'Beautility' Cocktail Cabinet


Shaken or stirred, the choice is yours with this original 1950's curvaceous 'Beautility' Cocktail Cabinet. This delightful authentic piece has been given a full face-lift and is ready for its next adventure.

Vintage green has been chosen for the main carcass, the twirly legs and feet have been painted in an on-trend dark grey, with dry-brushed vintage green; the interiors have retained their original redwood finish. Pull the top button and the cupboard opens, and whilst doing so, the top lid retracts with ample room for all those important cocktail ingredients. Complete with original back mirror and the maker mark of 'Beautility' authenticates the piece.

The drawers are lined with a complimentary funky teal fabric which matches perfectly the handmade 'Welsh' ceramic knobs from the 'Smoking Dragons' in Corris Craft Centre, mid Wales. The top has been white-washed to give a contemporary effect whilst keeping sight of the beautiful wood grain.

Length = 138cm, H = 88 cm, D = 48 cm.

A pair of Ladies and Gentleman's Chairs in stunning Designers Guild 'Quill' fabric


Be your very own VIPs in these highly individual Edwardian Salon chairs, given a spectacular Needle Rock makeover using sumptuous 'Cobalt Quill', and complimentary upholstery velvets from the Designers Guild collection.

These chairs were originally part of a seven-piece salon set, have square sectioned legs and original castors. The cut-out shapes on the top and side rails are of Art Nouveau design and both pieces have been fully reupholstered using traditional materials. The seats are sprung for additional comfort and durability, with gloss black painted frames and matching trimmings.

Height = 102 cm, Depth = 65 cm, Width = 66 cm.

Newly upholstered original 'Parker Knoll' Wingback Armchair


Be bold with the 'Needle Rock take' on this classic vintage Parker Knoll armchair. With verdant green and cherry red tartan fabric, you certainly can’t hide in this chair and why would you want to?

This is a fabulous modern take on this original well-made armchair, and would make a statement piece in any room.

Height = 95 cm, Depth = 73 cm, Width = 73 cm.

Peruvian Inspired Child's Chair


Reminding me of a recent trip to Peru, this delightful little chair has been given a new lease of life.

With a vibrant blue seat, funky pink braid, and a dash of designer style using the Magenta 'Severini' fabric from the Designers Guild Collection on the back with the bold pop of many vertical colours.

The look has been finished with a dipped-effect of lime green on the front legs of the chair.

All in all a great little chair where a decorative small chair is required to give a bold pop of colour.

Width = 42 cm, Height = 79 cm, Depth = 38 cm.

Unusual 'Circular' Corner Chair


A great opportunity to acquire this fabulous unusual circular corner chair (they are usually more square in shape)! It's exceptionally comfortable and is covered in a sophisticated check weave velvet with deconstructed geometric florals in a lustrous emerald colourway. The sophisticated fabric is 'Bardiglio' Emerald colourway from the Designers Guild Collection, and costs a whopping £205 a metre.

This chair has turned legs and spills, is in excellent condition and has been fully reupholstered in the Needle Rock workshop. It has been finished using individually placed upholstery nails in 'platinum' colour, in excellent condition.

Why not bring a bit of comfort and glamour into your living space!

Height = 77 cm, Depth = 54 cm, Width - 55 cm.

'Serpentine' Carver Chair reupholstered with fabulous 'Manaus' from the Arley House Fabric Collections.


A good, solid, sturdy Mahogany chair from the 19th Century. Built to last and having being fully upholstered using traditional materials - it'll be sure to last another 100 years!

Manaus is a beautiful Victoria & Albert print collection compiled by Arley House that comprises graceful, colourful birds on a luxury velvet. These beautiful V & A archive images have been revitalised by the dramatic use of colour.

This type of chair is described as a 'Serpentine' chair due to the shape of the top rail; it has a pierced splat, elbow rests and tapered legs.

Height = 92 cm, Depth = 46 cm, Width = 59 cm.

Antique Bohemian 'Grandmother' Chair


A fantastic opportunity to acquire heirloom furniture.

This Early Victorian armchair, often called a ‘Grandmother’ chair, adds a dignified presence to any room. It has original traditional sprung upholstery with original castors, beautifully turned front legs and geometric carvings, and it's been recovered in apple green sumptuous velvet, with contrasting aubergine stripe.

The effect is simply stunning!

Height = 96 cm, Depth = 80 cm, Width = 66 cm

Through The Workshop Door - July 2019

July has come and gone, and my feet have hardly touched the ground! The month started with a well-deserved holiday on Dartmoor and Devon, and for the rest of the month I’ve been playing catch up!

Highlights this month has been the reunion of the Leather Club chair with its delighted owners. As mentioned previously, the chair has a twin so its sibling has already been stripped down and is eagerly awaiting its rebuild in the Needle Rock workshop. The fabric has also been chosen for the seat cushions, so hopefully in next month’s blog you’ll see the twins together with matching seats!

July has also seen the commission of several furniture painting jobs – these seem to come along like buses – none for ages then several at the same time. The first commission was to give a new lease of life to some bedroom pine cupboards, which were solid, but looked rather dated. My customer had just had the bedrooms decorated and had a colour scheme which she’d acquired from a printed canvas – so I took the printed canvas away and matched the colour scheme accordingly. The results were superb.

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"Highly recommend Ali, beyond pleased with the end result, fabulous job Needle Rock".
Megan Louise Daly

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